Toys that Stimulate Children’s Motor

As a parent, you must prioritize the education of your children and how they grow and develop. There will be many considerations that you must think about. One of them is about how their motor development develops. What is motor development?

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The Importance of Motor Training 

As the name implies, motor development is closely related to how the child grows and coordinates the body to do activities. There are two kinds of motor development, which are gross motor development and fine motor development.

Gross motor skills include tiptoeing, jumping, hanging, and also maintaining balance. As for fine motor skills, significant movements include holding, gripping, shaking hands and similar activities. Then, what can you do to stimulate these motors?

Below are some ideas for using some toys that you can use to stimulate motor development:

Toys Selection

On the market, there are several toys that can stimulate a child’s motor development. In this case, you have to make sure to choose which is suitable for your child.

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The first option for your daughter is a cooking toy. It has been known that cooking toys can really stimulate a child’s motor skills. The goal is to be able to make your daughters imagine and use all the parts of the cooking toy with their hands.

girl playing cooking toy

However, it is worth noting that cooking toys tend to use plastic materials which often cause side effects on children’s health. That’s why it is important for you to choose cooking toys that are not dangerous at all.

The second option of children’s toys that you can give to your children to stimulate their motor development is to buy toy cars for boys and also doll toys for girls.

Boys naturally have an interest in playing with toy cars. In this case, you must know which materials are not dangerous for them. It is also important to consider the size of these toys. For example, early childhood children will be at risk of playing with toys that are too small that can be swallowed if they do not pay attention to their size.

boy playing toy car

If the doll is chosen as a toy, the size and the material are still the main considerations because of the health aspect. You must know what needs to be considered in choosing toys that can stimulate children’s motor development and children’s education.

girl playing doll toy

Surely the safety factor must be the main consideration. The second consideration is your child’s age. Not only that, durability is also a significant consideration to think about. As a mother, you should be more careful in buying children’s toys that support motor development and overall growth and development.

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