Book Review: The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies

There is no doubt that parenting children is difficult, especially during the toddler stage. Parenting a toddler should not be done in a noisy and loud manner; instead, try to discipline them in a fun way to avoid drama.

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Dealing with toddlers is a big challenge since creating activities that appear to be playing with learning objectives is still hard to do. There are actually some appropriate strategies to take. However, not all toddler parents really know and understand how to deal with them.

Thankfully! This post will show you one of the great ways to parent a toddler using the Montessori approach. This approach sees the child as a person who has his own unique path. In the Montessori approach, there is an emphasis on the fact that toddlers are smart.

The Montessori Toddler

To learn more about how to use the Montessori approach, you can read a book authored by Simone Davies entitled “The Montessori Toddler.” If you are doubtful about buying this book, we will convince you by showing you the things you can learn about parenting from this book. Let’s check it out!

How is the Montessori Approach Explained in the Book “Montessori Toddler?”

According to the book Montessori Toddler, there is a dynamic relationship between children, adults, and the educational environment in Montessori education. Children are in control of their own learning, supported by adults and the environment.

However, toddlers are extremely difficult to overcome, and they are dubbed “the terrible three“—three-year-olds who are extremely critical. They tend not to listen, are constantly throwing things around, and avoid going to sleep, eating, or using the toilet.

There are a few things every parent should know about toddlers. You should understand that toddlers have to say “no”, move, explore, and learn new things around them. Basically, toddlers need freedom but also need clear and consistent boundaries to allow them to behave positively.

You do not need to get upset when your toddler screws up and tends to always participate in what you are doing. Toddlers are impulsive and need time to process our speech. You need to always invite them to communicate to allow them to be talkative.

In the “Montessori Toddler” book, you can find many interesting things related to toddlers. Even so, there is no need to be discouraged when caring for and educating toddlers.

The Montessori approach, which is often known for its materials and activities, will actually allow you to see toddlers from a different perspective. This approach lets us understand toddlers more easily and why they always want to run, explore, touch anything, or refuse to do something. We think observing the way toddlers learn can amaze you.

Basically, the Montessori approach shows you that there are more peaceful ways to deal with toddlers. In addition, Montessori will help you raise an inquisitive and responsible child, for the future.

What Can You Learn About Parenting Toddlers from the Book “The Montessori Toddler?”

The Montessori Toddler book open

In the “Montessori Toddler” book, you can find important information related to suitable Montessori activities for child development, principles to build children’s curiosity, and the benefits of basic Montessori skills for the future of children.

You can also find various ways and approaches that can be performed in dealing with children’s behavior, directing children to have positive skills and attitudes that can become provisions for the importance of growing up. This book also shows some Montessori methods you can apply at home.

After reading this book, you will be amazed at how many Montessori approaches you can apply toward toddlers at home. It will allow you to identify your children and do parenting better, such as fostering your children’s curiosity, encouraging creativity, confronting child tantrums, training them to use the toilet, helping them to listen and teaching them to obey more with the words we convey, guiding them to better understand their emotions, and many more.

Various challenges in parenting and disciplining toddlers, along with a number of solutions and problem-solving techniques, are described in this book. This book will also teach you how to create a child-friendly environment.

In addition to tips on applying the Montessori approach to your children at home, this book also shows lots of ideas and inspiration for arranging a house that fits the Montessori approach. There is no doubt that as a parent, we would also be your child’s translator because it is not easy to understand their emotions and feelings.

“The Montessori Toddler” book emphasizes that the Montessori approach will help parents, educators, and individuals who are interested in this approach to discipline and do parenting with toddlers.

Of course, you can find helpful and useful tips with various information in the book The Montessori Toddler, authored by Simone Davies. Moreover, this book can also be a source of reference as well as inspiration for parents. You can easily find “The Montessori Toddler” in online and offline stores.

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