Stages of Fetal Development at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

When your pregnancy is at 8 weeks, there will be changes that you will go through. Several symptoms that you may experience are headache, nausea, vomiting, and even increased vaginal discharge.

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So, as a prospective mother, you have to be patient during this period. And it is also important for you to note that when your pregnancy is at 8 weeks, there are a number of developments that are gone through by the fetus. What developments are there? Let’s read the explanation about the development of a fetus at 8 weeks below.

Stages of Fetal Development at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

The Development of Fetus at 8 Weeks

When your pregnancy is at 8 weeks, your baby is still an embryo which means that its organs such as brain, heart, lungs, and the other organs are still in the formative phase.

In this phase, the fetus can move a little bit where its move is a brief twitch so that it cannot be felt by mom. When your pregnancy is at 16 to 22 weeks, then its move can be felt by mom. Is there any more development of the fetus when the pregnancy is at 8 weeks?

1. It Looks Like a Grape

When your pregnancy is at 8 weeks, the fetus is like a grape or red bean. The length is around 1.5 to 2 cm and the weight is around 20 grams.

2. It Starts to Show Physically

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, the characteristics of the fetus start to show such as the upper lip, nose tip and ears. These characteristics can be seen through ultrasound examination. At this week, its eyelids also start to develop. According to the National Library of Medicine, its arms and legs become longer. And also, its fingers and toes also start to form.

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3. Lungs, Heart, Brain and Digestion Start to Form

Some of its organs start to form this week. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, its lungs start to grow and heart tissue also starts to develop.

Not only lungs and heart tissue, the brain of the baby also starts to develop. Its nerve tissue and brain nerve cells start to spread as well and its sense of smell starts to form.

How about its digestion? Its intestines are also developing and its genital changes into ovaries or testes, but it is not clear yet.

The Things Felt by Mom at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

As explained earlier, at 8 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is like a grape. Nevertheless, you will see that your stomach becomes a bit bigger. Its heart rate can also be heard.

So, what are the things felt by mom at 8 weeks of pregnancy? There are some symptoms as you are able to read below.

1. Vaginal Discharge

During pregnancy, your estrogen level is high so that you may experience increased vaginal discharge. However, you do not have to worry because it is normal as long as your vaginal discharge is clear, cream or milky white, the texture is watery or thick and it has no pungent odor.

However, if you find that the vaginal discharge is green and it smells bad and even you experience pain or itching, it may be an infection or other medical problems so that you have to consult your doctor.

2. Breasts Become Larger

During your pregnancy, your hormones will increase and it can affect the size of your breasts. It also happens to make you ready to produce milk. Some moms may experience that their blood vessels around their breasts are seen and their nipples become darker.

3. Flatulence

Your progesterone hormone is higher and it causes your food to be digested slowly. As a result, flatulence may be experienced by you.

The thing that you can do when you experience it is trying to be more relaxed. You also need to eat regularly, avoid spicy and sour food and also food with coconut milk.

4. Nausea and Throwing Up

When your pregnancy is at 8 weeks, nausea and the urge to throw up are still felt by mom. It is because there is an increased hormone level and also your sense of smell becomes more sensitive. No wonder why the smell of food can trigger nausea and throwing up. Usually, nausea and throwing up will stop when your pregnancy gets into the second trimester of pregnancy.

If you feel that the nausea that you experience is more intense and severe, it can be a sign of HG or Hyperemesis Gravidarum where it can cause dehydration, weight loss, and even other complications. If you experience this, you can go to the doctor to check it.

5. Headache

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, you will get headaches more often because of fatigue and increased pregnancy hormones. So, you have to make sure that you get enough rest, consume healthy food and do light exercise.

6. Frequent Urination

Pregnancy hormones also make your kidneys work hard so that they produce more urine. When it happens, make sure that you do not hold it and also you still have to drink enough water.

Tips to Maintain 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

You need to note that during the first trimester of your pregnancy, you will feel more tired so that you have to get enough rest. Also, you have to fulfill nutritional and fluid requirements to maintain the development of your baby.

You have to consume complex carbohydrates that can support your health and your baby’s health. Several types of food that you can consume are fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, cereals, potatoes, and whole wheat bread. Remember to drink enough water as well.

How about snacks? You are able to make apples or mango as your snacks. Usually, these fruits can get rid of discomforts during your pregnancy. It is also useful for maintaining your energy.

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However, there are several types of food that you have to avoid during your pregnancy such as raw fish and unpasteurized dairy products.

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