Recognizing the Rotavirus that Makes Babies Vomit and Diarrhea

Have you heard about rotavirus? Well, it is an infection that attacks the digestive tract. Usually, the symptoms appear two days after being attacked by this virus. What are the symptoms? They include diarrhea and vomit. When babies suffer from this virus, as parents, you are surely worried. However, there are several things that you can do when your baby suffers from this virus. Below, you are able to read about rotavirus that you need to know.

The Facts About Rotavirus That Makes Babies Vomit and Diarrhea

Often, when parents find their babies vomit and have diarrhea, they assume that their babies consume the wrong food. However, vomit and diarrhea do not only happen when babies consume wrong food, but also it can happen because of rotavirus. Usually, rotavirus is suffered by children in the transition season so that parents need to be wary when transition season comes. Are you more curious about rotavirus? Here are a number of facts about rotavirus.

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1. Rotavirus can cause babies vomit and diarrhea continuously

babies vomit and diarrhea continuously

Rotavirus is one of the virus types that can infect or disturb the activities in the baby’s digestive system, especially stomach and intestines. If there is a rotavirus in these children’s organs, it can cause diarrhea and vomit.

You may wonder why the name of this virus is rotavirus. In Latin, rota means wheel or rotation. So, the name is related to the form of the virus. If you see this virus through a microscope, you will see that the shape is a circle so that’s why the name is rotavirus.

Even though this virus is common, you cannot underestimate it. It is because diarrhea which is caused by this virus is one of the causes of high child mortality in the world.

2. Rotavirus is highly contagious and easily transmitted

Rotavirus on Babies

This virus is dangerous for children because it is easily transmitted. It can be transmitted only through physical contact with the sufferers. For example, you are unknowingly infected with rotavirus when you clean your baby’s feces and then your hand touches another child. If it happens, there is a possibility that the child that you touched will be infected with this virus as well.

There are also people who are infected with this virus, but they do not experience the symptoms because they are healthier. Meanwhile, babies under 1 year old have a bigger chance to be infected because they still have weak immune systems. Let’s say that your child suffers from this virus. Then, his or her feces will carry the virus before the symptoms start until 10 days after the child recovers.

It is also important for you to note that rotavirus has the ability to stick to the objects that are touched by the sufferer.

3. The symptoms of rotavirus when it infects babies and children

fever on babies caused by rotavirus

How do moms know that diarrhea suffered by children is because of rotavirus? You can recognize it through the symptoms. If you find the symptoms in your child, go to the doctor soon.

    • The babies throw up often

Within 24 hours, babies throw up more than 3 times and even they are not able to digest the food that they consume. For example, they just ate the food 5 minutes ago, but then it is thrown up by them. If you find that the vomit is yellow or green liquid, it can indicate that your baby suffers from dehydration.

    • The babies have diarrhea

Another symptom of rotavirus is that the baby has diarrhea for more than 24 hours. They may even go to the toilet more than 5 times and the texture of the feces is liquid like urine. If it happens on and on, the baby’s anal area can be irritation.

    • The condition of the baby’s body is limp and not excited

Because they throw up often, it leads them to be limp. If you usually see the baby smile while moving his body, now you will see that the baby only wants to sleep on and on.

    • High fever

When your baby is infected by a virus or bacteria, fever is a common reaction. When your baby is infected with rotavirus, the baby will have a high fever to 40 degrees Celcius where it makes the baby uncomfortable.

    • The babies look sleepy

After throwing up, the baby probably looks sleepy. If so, you have to be wary because the baby probably suffers from rotavirus. You will also see that the baby’s eyes are sunken and their fingers are cold.

    • Poignant stomach ache

When your baby suffers from rotavirus, he or she will often hold his or her stomach and even she or he is like going to poop.

When you see these symptoms, you have to take your baby to a doctor. If you see that your baby does not produce tears and his or her lips are dry, it indicates that she or he is experiencing dehydration.

4. Prevent Rotavirus Infection with vaccine

Prevent Rotavirus Infection on babies with vaccine

Did you know that rotavirus can be prevented by vaccines? Rotavirus vaccine is given by being dripped in mouth or orally.

If in your country this vaccine is not categorized into a mandatory vaccine, usually you will be offered by the medical practitioners to get this immunization or you can ask them about it. It is important for you to note that rotavirus vaccine can make your baby vomit, diarrhea, and stomach ache. However, these side effects only happen for 24 hours.

After your baby is given the vaccine, it does not mean that they are free from rotavirus. Vaccine only can prevent the virus from spreading and when your baby is infected with the virus, the symptoms that they have will be lighter.

5. How to overcome rotavirus symptoms that disturb the baby’s comfort

If you think that medicine can cure rotavirus, then actually there is no specific medicine that can get rid of rotavirus from the baby’s body. Usually, babies and children will be healed by themselves in 3 to 7 days.

If you take your child to a doctor, you may be given anti-nausea drugs and probiotic supplements to keep good bacteria levels in the intestines. Some doctors may suggest giving your child bananas to stop the diarrhea. It means that as a mom, you are able to make your baby comfortable when they are having rotavirus by doing the things below.

    • Warm baby oil to make your baby’s stomach more comfortable

telon baby oil

When your baby is suffering from rotavirus, he or she will throw up, have diarrhea and stomach ache. If you stroke your baby’s stomach by using baby oil, it can make them warmer and more comfortable. For an example, you can use one of best product from Indonesia called ‘Telon baby Oil’ like a picture above.

    • Choose a pants style baby diaper so that it fits on his body

pants style baby diaper

Rotavirus can cause your baby’s stomach to become bloated and it can make him pull his diaper because he is not comfortable with it. So, it is better if you give him a pants style diaper which is a little bit loose so that it does not come off easily. Another function of this diaper is also to hold his liquid feces.

    • Drink water more from the sippy cup while experiencing rotavirus symptoms

cute sippy cup

The thing that moms worry about when their children have rotavirus is dehydration. So, you have to provide a lot of water in a sippy cup. You can offer them to drink every 15 to 30 minutes to avoid dehydration.

    • Provide baby biscuit so that your baby’s stomach is not empty

baby biscuit

Since your baby often throws up, his stomach will be empty and you have to provide biscuits for him. You can ask your child to eat biscuits at least 1 to 3 bites.

    • Baby sling to make baby feel more comfortable

Baby sling to make baby feel more comfortable

When your baby is suffering from rotavirus, they need comfort. So, they will stick to you and you can use baby sling to make him more comfortable and warmer.
Baby wrap model is better because it can make the baby comfortable and protected.

6. Keep hygiene and the environment around the child clean

mommy cleaning baby toys and environment

As explained earlier, rotavirus often infects children in transition season and it is supported by the less hygienic condition. It means that you have to keep the environment around your child clean, especially his bedroom and playing area.

Besides, you also have to make sure that their toys and cutlery are clean and hygienic. It is also better for you to avoid your baby from being touched by many people. After being touched by people, make sure that you wash or clean your baby’s hands. Before going to bed and after going from outside, bathe the baby and change their clothes.

When do We Have to Go to The Doctor?

when go to baby doctor or pediatrician

When you find the symptoms of rotavirus are experienced by your child, you have to go to the doctor soon. If not, your child may suffer from dehydration and even their condition can be worse.

When you see the doctor, your child’s condition will be examined and if necessary, the doctor will conduct a blood test or feces test to make sure whether it is a rotavirus infection or not.

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