How to Do Postnatal Exercise at Home for Moms (with Pictures)

Exhausted from taking care of the baby or still feeling pain after giving birth, sometimes it makes mom lazy to move. Even so, mom should still do light exercise, for example postnatal exercise, because it has many benefits for Mommy.

Postnatal exercise can be done by moms who give birth normally after a few days after giving birth. Meanwhile, for moms who give birth by cesarean section, postnatal exercise should be done when the stitches in the abdomen are fully healed, usually around 6-8 weeks after surgery.

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Various Benefits of Postnatal Exercise

Postnatal exercises provide many benefits for mom’s body. Benefits that can be obtained include:

    • Restores the condition of the muscles in the abdominal and pelvic area, so that muscle aches and pains after giving birth can be reduced.
    • Increases energy and stamina, so that mom can be more enthusiastic in taking care of the baby.
    • Helps to lose weight.
    • Helps to overcome urinary incontinence, which is a condition that makes it difficult for mom to hold back urination.
    • Increases endorphin levels which can make mom feel happy.
    • Reduces stress and prevents postpartum depression.
    • Improves sleep quality.
    • Retightens the female organs.

Recommended Postnatal Exercise Tutorial from Experts

Below is recommended postnatal exercise tutorial from the experts:

Picture 1

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 1

Standing upright position. Move the head tilted to the right and left followed by the movement of bending and lifting the head. Then, lift the shoulders and rotate them. In the same position, open both legs, arms extended then bend the knees while lifting the heels, then return to the starting position. Do each movement 8x.

Picture 2

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 2

Standing position with knees bent, bend your wrists up and down 8x. Continue by rotating the wrist from outside to inside, and vice versa, each 8x. Standing upright with your stomach tightened, swing your body to the right and left 8x.

Picture 3

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 3

Still standing upright and stomach tightened, hands swinging. With open legs. Perform movements such as pushing towards the left side and vice versa. Do each movement 8x.

Picture 4 (Stretching)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 4

Standing position with one side of the body tilted to the left, hold for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Do in the opposite direction, each movement 8x. Bend your right leg (tilt to the left), then swing your arms straight to the side. Do the movement in the opposite direction. Do 8x each movement. Feet open, look down. Bend the left leg while swinging the right hand until it touches the left leg and vice versa. Do each movement 8x.

Picture 5 (Stretching)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 5

Position like squatting with palms touching the floor. Lift the pelvis slowly while lifting both hands up to a standing position. Do 8x. Position like crawling. Arms are opened in line with the feet and shoulders. Lower your head while breathing in, lift your back while tightening your pelvic muscles. Hold for several seconds. Then, return to the starting position. Do each movement 8x.

Picture 6, 7 (Tighten the thigh muscles)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 6,7

The position remains like crawling. Push one leg backwards without touching the floor. Do the same for the other leg. Each movement is 8x. Staying on all fours, push one leg to the side. Do the same movement for the other leg. Do each movement 8x.

Picture 8 (Arm twisting)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 8

Cross-legged sitting position. Extend your hands, then rotate your wrists, arms and shoulders. Perform the movement quickly while tightening the stomach.

Picture 9, 10 (Waist twisting)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 9,10

Please sit with your legs apart, while hands behind your head. Then bring the body to the side, forward, and then obliquely with a twisting motion of the waist.

Picture 11, 12, 13 (Tightens thighs and calves)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 11, 12, 13

Supine sleeping position on the right side. Lift your leg up, then slowly lower it. Continue by rotating the ankle, do a combination movement by lifting the leg up. Rotate the ankle, then lower it slowly. Also, do it for the opposite position. Still sleeping on your side, swing your legs forward along with your hands in the opposite direction. Do the same for the opposite position, each 8x. Supine sleeping position, swing your legs up and down. Continue with the movement of lifting one leg, alternately. Do each movement 8x.

Picture 14, 15, 16 (Shrink stomach)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 14, 15, 16

Lift the leg at the same time as lifting the head and shoulders. While the hand grabs the leg that is lifted. Supine position with legs bent, hands on chest. Raise the head to the shoulders while tightening the abdomen. Do this movement repeatedly. Continue the movement by lifting your head and back to a sitting position. Lower it slowly. Supine sleeping position. Raise one leg 90 degrees. Lower it. Do it alternately. Continue by lifting both legs, hold, and return to a parallel position, on your back.

Picture 17, 18, 19 (Shrink stomach)

Postnatal Exercise Tutorial picture 17, 18, 19

Supine sleeping position. Extend both hands upwards while catching your breath. Bend the legs, then hold them with both hands. Still supine sleeping position, bend your legs while tilting your body, put your leg to the other side. Do it alternately with the other leg. The principle in breathing, the abdomen is locked so that when breathing the abdomen does not breathe. Only the chest cavity moves.

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