5 Recommendations of Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad, Parents Need to Know to Monitor Children

Nowadays, iPhone is not only adults’ choice, but also a child’s choice. When you decide to give your children an iPhone, you have to make sure that you need to include it with an additional responsibility. What is it?

As responsible parents, you have to keep your children safe when they are using their iPhone, especially when they are accessing things on the internet.

It means that you need to know the guide to give a smartphone to your child. In addition, you also need to install parental control apps on the iPhone so that the app will help you to monitor your children when they are surfing on the internet.

Recommendations of Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

1. FamiSafe

This application has different monitoring features. For example, location features and real-time GPS history can help you to track your children’s activities and protect them from criminals.

FamiSafe Parental Control App

Besides, this application also can monitor the use of the screen from a certain device. It means that as parents you are able to set the restriction of using smartphones on your children through the Smart Schedule feature.

One of the interesting things is that this app can block apps based on the children’s age. With it, you are able to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content. What else? This app allows you to filter websites and blocks them based on the category or adding URL web target.

How about YouTube contents? As we know, children really like to watch videos on YouTube because on that platform, there are a lot of interesting videos. Well, you are able to create special keywords that cannot be accessed by your children. If your children try to access the keywords, you will receive notifications so that they are still under your control.


2. Screen Time

Another parental control app is Screen Time where it has a very effective monitoring tool for parents who want to check their children’s activities on iPhone.

Screen Time Parental Control

This app also offers different screen usage rules. The interesting thing is that this app can pause the internet and apps directly.


3. Boomerang

We can say that this app is one of the most reliable apps for the iPhone. The main focus of this app is to restrict the use of the device screen.

Boomerang Parental Control

For other features, you are able to find location tracking. In this app, there is also a safe browsing feature so that it can protect your children from sensitive information on the internet.

If you want to hide and limit apps on iPhone based on the children’s age, you have the option for it. In addition, you will receive notifications about the children’s activities while they are using the iPhone.


4. Kaspersky Safe Kids

This application can show screen time management and the usage of applications. In this app, you are able to track the activities of your children in social media.

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Kaspersky Safe Kids Parental Control

This application also offers YouTube SafeSearch where it can help you to monitor your children when they are surfing on YouTube.

This application also has the ability to block games and other apps which are suspected of having inappropriate content.


5. Mobicip

This application is a good parental control app and with it, you are able to track the usage of your children’s smartphone.

Mobicip Parental Control

This app has the ability to block websites based on category and it can also show the children’s online history for 4 weeks.


That’s all some apps that you can use to monitor your children on iPhone and protect them from accessing inappropriate contents. As you can see that there are 5 options above and you are able to choose based on your need. However, it is important for you to note that because of many online restrictions, it does not mean that you have to restrict everything because nowadays technology is very important. If there are too many restrictions and monitoring children, it can affect their mental status and development. Don’t let us follow the authoritarian parenting style.

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