How to Monitor Children’s Social Media Applications on Android Safely

Nowadays, social media has filled all aspects of our lives. In fact, the effect of social media on today’s children and adolescents is so great that it can interfere with their normal lives. So it is normal if parents want to control it. At this opportunity, we will discuss how to monitor social media usage, such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on, safely on Android.

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When parents also work, monitoring must also continue, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic which demands learning from home. Do not let your children go online with other things.

Safely Monitoring Social Media Applications

To be able to monitor children’s activities, parents must be able to enter the Android smartphone used by the children. What can be done?

Let’s say we can monitor a child’s activity on the Snapchat app. There are a few ways to hack Snapchat that can be used. We can use online applications or services, can pay hackers, or create fake logins (known as phishing).

However, there are some cons of these methods. If you use an online application, it often will not work because Snapchat will take care of it. If you use the services of a hacker, there is a high risk because they can betray you. Meanwhile, if you want to try phishing, you must have technical skills and it is also risky.

Another way that can be used is to use the KidsGuard Pro Parental Control Android application.

Why Use KidsGuard Pro?

The KidsGuard Pro is the name of an application that is installed on the smartphone of children to monitor social media application activities on the phone. The application installation process is the same as usual. It means no technical skills are required.

Parents can see the data that appears through the dashboard in the browser. KidsGuard Pro service is account-based and commercial (paid). Basically, there is systematic security and accountability.

KidsGuard Pro Dashboard
KidsGuard Pro Dashboard

This application can monitor the use of common applications such as the telephone and SMS, as well as monitor social media applications in general, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. In addition, once installed on the phone, the application will be hidden so that it is not known by the user (children).

Way to Use KidsGuard Pro

  1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account and choose the payment plan that you want.
  2. Install the application on the Android (children’s phone).
    a. On the smartphone, open from a browser.
    b. Swipe to the right of the lever on the screen to download the application.
    c. Install the application.
    d. Sig in to your KidsGuard account (to connect with the dashboard).
    e. Enter the children’s name and age.
    f. Follow the in-app guide:
    • Disable Google Play Protect (so that the application will not be removed by other security services).
    • Enable accessibility.
    • Turn on app supervision.
    • Enable notification access.
    • Enable administrator access.
    • Enable screenshot.
    • Enable data access.
    • Disable battery optimization.
    • Allow apps to run in the background or start automatically.
  1. Verify the settings.
  2. If everything is correct, then you can see the data from the smartphone on the dashboard.

On the dashboard there is various information ranging from the account used, the phone used, the files on the phone (in case your child has content that is not worth watching), location, to the remote control function. So, the monitoring is comprehensive.


As you can see, the function of the KidsGuard Pro is to monitor other people’s smartphones. Children and adolescents who are not yet mature are still under the responsibility of their parents. However, it will be different if you use this application to spy on other people. It could be against the law. So, please use this application properly.

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