Get to Know Minimalist Parenting Style and the Benefits for Family

It is not easy to raise a child. Often, moms shout to their children just to tell them to do things properly.  Or even, they force their children to have a lot of activities like attending many courses to make them successful. As a mom, you may want to raise your children with peace and less stress. However, is it possible?

There is a book entitled Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family by Doing Less. The writers of the book are Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest. In this book, they explain that the principle of minimalist parenting is eliminating the unimportant things and focusing on priorities.

Minimalist Parenting Enjoy Modern Family by Doing Less

If you apply a minimalist parenting style, it can help moms and dads focus more on doing activities and parenting style which is suitable with life’s values. With this parenting style, your child will not be stressed and he or she will be able to develop his or her potential.

Let’s check some examples and benefits of minimalist parenting style below.

Multitasking is Not Needed

There are a lot of things that moms have to do such as taking care of your house including cooking, washing clothes, mopping, sweeping and many more; managing household finance; making sure that your children get adequate nutrition and education and many more.

The writer of Minimalism for Families, Zoe Kim, states that if you adopt a minimalist parenting style, it does not mean that you get away from everything.

If you apply minimalist parenting style, instead your life will be simpler because you get rid of 50% of physical things and 40% of activities in your schedule. It is done by choosing the most important ones and leaving the unimportant ones.

Children and Parents Will Have Better Quality of Mental Health

We often hear that there are a lot of parents who want their children to be excellent at their academics and work. Therefore, parents become authoritarian and set a number of hectic schedules for their children. Is it good?

Su Yeong Kim, a professor of family science at the University of Texas, says that this kind of parenting style will make children susceptible to suffer mental health, reduce their learning motivation and hamper the development of their social emotions.

So, it is better to apply a minimalist parenting style where it prioritizes communication and the real examples to instill mindset and life’s values to children. By applying this parenting style, the relationship between family members becomes warmer and their mental health will keep healthy.

Note that when you ask for your children to attend many courses like coding courses, ballet courses, and many more, it does not educate your children to have empathy or have leadership. Instead, life values will be able to be obtained by them if they have a lot of time to discuss and see real examples directly when they do activities with their moms and dads.

Children’s Potential Can Develop Better

If you apply this minimalist parenting style, you will not ask for your children to attend a lot of activities that are not their interests and also limit the number of toys at home. It is done to support their development.

Well, in minimalist parenting style, the point is that you give your children more opportunities to explore the environment, find new things that they are interested in, sharpen creativity, and know themselves.

As parents, you just have to support them and believe in them. So, they are able to develop their potential optimally.

Now, academic intelligence is not a guarantee for your children to be successful in the future. Every child has their own potential and parents have to support and help them to develop it so that they can be successful in their own ways.

In minimalist parenting style, happiness comes from the quality of life and the relationship between parents and the children.

So, are you interested in applying this minimalist parenting style?

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