Parenting Idea: How to Stop Kids from Gadget Addiction with Magic Water Book

For parents who are looking for a way to stop kids from gadget addiction, do not worry, we have a great solution. Here, we will inform you a smart parenting idea that is cheap and practical.

Reusable Magic Water Book is a coloring book that parents can use to educate and hone their children’s creativity while playing.

Magic Water Book by Lorina Silvi Mandela

Advantages of this magic coloring book:

  • Easy to use.
  • Economical, because it can be used repeatedly.
  • Builds children’s imagination

By the way, how does it work? The magic coloring book will release colors from a pencil filled with water. If it is dry, then it will return to the original (without color) and so on. Do not worry, the coloring book is safe from wetness because it is made of thick cardboard which is waterproof, as long as it is not soaked.

How to Use the Reusable Magic Water Book?

Here are some steps to use the reusable magic water book:

1. At the first step, prepare a little water to fill the marker pen which is already available in the product.

Magic Water Book by Lorina Silvi Mandela 2

The cap of the maker pen can be opened easily, do not use too much water, so that the markers do not drip when used in coloring.

ook by Lorina Silvi Mandela

2. Then, starting to color until a blank page becomes a full color picture. We are sure that your child will love it.

Magic Water Book by Lorina Silvi Mandela

The final result:

Magic Water Book by Lorina Silvi Mandela

3. When the paperboard dries completely, that colored pages will turn white automatically. Of course, it will take a little time. So, please wait for about 10 – 13 minutes. While waiting, your child can work on other pages that she/he likes.

Magic Water Book by Lorina Silvi Mandela

In addition, you can watch my YouTube video for more details:

Where to Buy a Magic Water Book?

You can buy the magic water book from various online stores or marketplaces such as Amazon. For your information, this magic water book is available with various variants of themes. You can choose the characters that your child likes the most, such as unicorns, fairies, superheroes, and other characters.

7 Benefits of Coloring for Kids

Coloring is a fun activity for kids. The good news is coloring also has some benefits for kids.
Here are some benefits of coloring for kids:

1. Develops Motor Skills

The first benefit of coloring for kids is that it can develop motor skills. For your information, motor skills are the ability to move limbs, such as the head, hands, feet, lips, tongue, and fingers.

2. Enhances Creativity

By coloring, it can increase children’s creativity. Of course, this creativity must be honed since childhood, so that children grow up to be people who have optimal creative power that are useful.

3. Helps for Good Handwriting

One of the benefits of coloring for kids is that it helps handwriting to be good. Coloring can be a means of learning to hold stationery correctly, so that it can help kids produce neater handwriting.

4. Helps Improve Focus

Also, coloring is a useful exercise to improve focus. By coloring, it can help children practice focusing their attention.

5. Helps Hand and Eye Coordination

Coloring can help hand and eye coordination. Coordination is effectively combining activities together. Coordination of hand and eye that is in harmony can help children in learning.

6. Helps Boost Self-Confidence

Once the coloring is done, there will be a sense of satisfaction and pride in children for being able to complete the task. This feeling can build a positive picture of the child’s self.

7. Reduces Stress

Psychologists report that the benefit of coloring for children is that it can reduce stress. Coloring is a light and easy activity to do. Also, coloring is useful for relieving muscle tension. Therefore, after coloring, children will become more relaxed.

Well, those are the benefits of coloring for children.

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