10 Simple Tasks to Get Your Kids Involved in Household Chores

Involving your children in household chores is very important to allow them to develop skills that are necessary for their future. When your children grow up, they will become independent without completely relying on their parents and household assistants.

Illustration of Kids Involved in Household Chores

In addition to helping you, training them to do household chores can also make use of some of their skills and intelligence. By involving your children in household chores, you can also train their motor movement, concentration, cooperation, academic skills, verbal-language skills, etc.

Then, how do you involve them in household chores? Thankfully! This post will show you some simple tasks to get your children involved in household chores. These tasks actually set standards in accordance with their age. Some sources lead us to these simple tasks for involving your children in household chores. Let’s check them out!

1. Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner

The children between the ages of 2 and 3 will be ready to do this activity. For example, you could instruct your children to suck up as much as they possibly can. To ask them to do this, it’d be better for you to select a light vacuum to make it easier for them to do this activity.

2. Ask them to mop the floor

Another simple task you can instruct your children to do is mop the floor. You can give them a cloth and a spray bottle filled with water. They can then wipe the damp cloth on any surface of the floor. It would be better if the floor had been cleaned with a vacuum cleaner so that mopping the floor would be easier and faster.

3. Take out the trash and replace the trash bag

Taking out the trash and then replacing the bag is easy for children to do. Before your children go to throw out the trash, you must prepare a replacement trash bag that they can put in the trash. If the garbage load is too heavy, you can instead ask them to sort the trash by type and then put it in the container. This activity will teach your children how to sort the trash properly at a very young age.

4. Clean the bathroom

Most children really like to play with water. At home, you can give them a space to play with water in a positive way, i.e., by cleaning the bathroom. To do so, you can give them a small water spray. You shouldn’t give them cleaning fluid since the chemicals will harm their sensitive skin.

To make the bathroom cleaner, you can then use cleaning fluid after your children spray water first. If this is your first time asking them to clean the bathroom, you should show them how to spray water and then scrub floors, mirrors, sinks, and other areas. You can also divide this task if you have more than one child.

5. Wipe the dining table

It’s a pretty straightforward task for your little children. This simple activity can also strengthen their motor muscles. To allow them to wipe the dining table, you can give them a small bucket filled with water and a cloth. You can then watch them from a distance.

6. Help with laundry

Washing clothes is actually a simple task, but since there are usually a lot of clothes, it appears to be a hard job. To get your children involved in household chores, you can ask them to wash dirty clothes. Take them to the laundry room after that. Make sure to teach them how to operate the washer and dryer. To do this task, you should accompany your children since the tool delivers electricity.

7. Clean the dust with a duster

There is no doubt that children love using tools, such as a duster. Of course, you can ask them to clean windows, shelves, and mirrors with a duster. This task will really help you if you do not have time to clean the furniture.

8. Restock supplies that have run out

Another simple task in household chores is to restock supplies that have run out, such as soap dispensers, toilet paper, and water in flower vases. Beforehand, you can identify what things need to be restocked, so that you can ask them to do this easily.

9. Ask them to clean up any missed parts of the house

To help you clean the house, you can try asking them to clean up some parts of the house that are usually missed, such as doorknobs, light switches, or vacuuming under the sofa.

10. Fold their own clothes

That said, laundry can be made into a fun activity, e.g., sorting the clothes or pairing socks together. Well, the folding part can be a bit of a challenge at first, especially for your little children. However, you can start by teaching them how to lay clothing items flat and fold them in half.

Folding clothes has proven to be an excellent activity for your children thus far. Even though they deliver an imperfect result, at least they have been practicing since a very young age, so they got used to doing it when they grew up.

Well, those are ten simple tasks to get your children involved in household chores. Now is a great time for you to start asking them to do these simple tasks as household chores to train them to become independent children. Good Luck!!!

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