Is It True that Cribs Cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

When you become a new parent, you will probably get a lot of information and tips about how to care for the baby. Among them, there is one about how to use cribs which are said to be at risk of causing the babies to die suddenly. Is the information true?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) refers to a condition when a baby dies suddenly without any clear signs and causes, even though previously they were healthy and seemed active. This one is such a terrible syndrome and is common in newborns and babies who are around 2 to 4 months old.

Baby Crib

Until now, it is not clear what causes SIDS. However, there are a few factors that are believed to increase the risk of sudden death. Some of them include genetic disorders, premature birth, and environmental factors such as bedroom temperatures that are too cold or hot. In addition, the use of cribs is also said to increase the risk of SIDS.

Cribs Causing SIDS: Is It Myth or Fact?

In fact, putting your baby to sleep in the crib has not proven to cause SIDS. It is actually safer for the babies to sleep in beds that are separate from adults. However, it is still necessary for parents to be careful. The reason is because the surface of a mattress that is too soft or soft in a crib with so many objects can put the baby at risk for SIDS.

In order to minimize the occurrence of SIDS in your baby, below are a few things that you have to pay attention to:

    • Put your baby on a flat, firm, and comfortable mattress.
    • Make sure to choose a crib that is safe, sturdy, and has good quality.
    • Use only sheets and linen to cover the mattress.
    • Leave the crib empty and do not place many items in it, including bolsters, baby pillows, dolls or toys.
    • Do not put an extra mattress in the crib. Do not cover the baby with any blankets or cloth and keep away from other items that can cover their face, neck or head while sleeping.
    • Avoid covering the crib with barriers or bumpers to increase air circulation and reduce the risk of your baby getting stuck on the barrier.

In addition, to make everything safer, you should not allow your baby to sleep in the same bed as you, your partner, or other family members. It is important to prevent the risk of them being crushed or suffocated while sleeping.

Paying Attention to the Safety and Comfort of Your Children’s Sleep

Aside from considering the environmental factors, as a parent, you should also not ignore the comfort of your baby when they sleep.

In order to avoid SIDS, replace the use of blankets with pajama sleepwear or one-piece clothes that cover your feet and hands, which are made of cotton. Not only are these clothes safe, they also make your baby comfortable and warm throughout their sleep. When they are asleep, make sure to pay attention to their position. The best and safest sleeping position for the baby is on its back. Remember to avoid your baby sleeping on their stomach because this can block their airways from foreign objects around them, thus increasing the risk of SIDS. However, if they can change their own sleeping position, usually around the age of 6 months, let them choose a position that makes them comfortable.

To avoid the risk of sudden infant death, it is important for you to pay attention to the safety of using a crib. If you want to easily monitor your baby when they are in the crib, place the crib near your bed.

As you already know the facts about the risks of cribs above, hopefully you will no longer easily believe myths that are not necessarily true. If one day you find information that seems odd or doubtful, do not hesitate to see a pediatrician.

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