How to Use Parental Control on iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Did you know that on iPhone and iPad (iOS) there is a parental control? Well, parental control can be activated by you when your iPhone or iPad is used by your children. It is done to protect your children from inappropriate content.

If you activate parental control, it can limit the activities of your children on the iPhone or iPad when they are using the iPhone or iPad, including limiting them from inappropriate content that they accidentally open. Below, you are able to read how to use Parental Control on iPhone and iPad (iOS) according to your needs as a good parent.

The Steps to Activate Parental Control on iOS

The steps to activate parental control on iOS below are for iOS 8 and above. So, here are the steps to activate Restrictions on iOS.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the Settings app.
  2. After that, you have to choose the General option and then choose Restrictions.

    Activate Parental Control on iOS
    General settings menu on iOS devices.
  3. In this step, you have to choose Enable Restrictions.
  4. And then, enter a PIN which contains 4 digits (Passcode). The PIN is entered so that the one who can change the setting is only the person who knows the PIN and in this case is you. So, you have to make sure that you always remember the PIN.

    Enter Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Passcode
    Enter the Passcode so that not just anyone can change the settings.
  5. And now, you have to enter the PIN again.

Now, you are able to set what apps that can be accessed by your children on your iPhone or iPad.

App Restrictions

Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Allow
Restrictions Menu on iOS.

It is important for you to note that apps and settings for Restrictions are here and they will be hidden from iPad or iPhone until you change it back from Restrictions.

The most important thing when you change the Restrictions is on Installing Apps, Deleting Apps, and In-App Purchases because you surely will not allow your children to delete, install or purchase something on your iPhone or iPad.

Content Restrictions

Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Allow Content

In this part, you are able to restrict your children from accessing contents like apps, films, or sites based on rating or age.

Rating Setting with Individual Content Settings

First, you need to note that not all contents on iTunes Store and App Store have ratings. It means that this filter may not be a perfect solution for you.

When you buy apps for example, you are able to set it to always ask for a password or need password in 15 seconds from the last purchase.

Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Allow Password
You are required to enter a password every time you make a purchase in the App Store or iTunes Store.

Privacy Restrictions

Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Privacy

Do you want to prevent new apps from accessing other apps like photos, contacts, Facebook, and Twitter? Sure, you are able to do that. It cannot only prevent children, teenagers or other people, but also it can prevent thieves who want to turn off your privacy.

Allow Changes Restrictions

Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Allow Changes

Here, there are three setting options to control if your children can make or modify an account, let the apps refresh in the background or change the volume level.

You are able to set the account to “Don’t Allow Changes” if you want to prevent your children from adding, deleting, or modifying accounts on Mail, Contact, and Calendar.

Game Center Restrictions

Parental Controls iOS Restrictions Game Center

In this section, you are able to choose whether your children can play multiplayer games or add friends in the Game Center on iPad.

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