How to Overcome Children with Gadget Addiction

When children are addicted to gadgets, they will not remember to eat, be lazy to go to school, and even they may be angry and cry when their gadget is taken. If it happens to your children, don’t take it for granted. You have to find ways to be able to overcome this condition.

Actually, gadgets are not always bad for children because there are a lot of things that they can learn from gadgets such as how to dance to how to make various crafts. Gadgets can also become an entertainment for them.

However, we all also agree that if children often play with gadgets, especially without supervision, they can be addicted to gadgets and it can have a negative impact on their development and social life. And here are the tips that you can do to overcome children who are addicted to gadgets where the source is from a child psychologist. So, check the information about it below.

Overcoming Gadget Addition to Children with These Ways

Here are the steps that you are able to apply to overcome gadget addiction to children.

Infographic of Tips to Break Kid's Gadget Addiction
Infographic of Tips to Break Kid’s Gadget Addiction

1. Be a good example for your children

It is important for you to note that children often learn from their environment including about the habit of using gadgets from parents. Let’s say that as a mom you often play with gadgets in front of your child. If so, you have to try not to be busy with your gadget when you are with your children.

2. Limit and monitor the use of gadget to your children

If you want to overcome gadget addiction to your children, you have to limit the time to access gadgets. You are able to give around 1 to 2 hours in a day for your children to use gadgets. You also have to monitor the children when they are playing gadget so that they do not access pornographic and violent content.

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When you apply this limitation, you have to be firm. Train them to ask permission before they play the gadget and train them to return the gadget after they use it. You have to save the gadget in a place where your children cannot reach it so that they cannot use it without your permission.

3. Make fun activities together with your children

You are able to create fun activities with your children so that their mind is distracted from gadgets. You are able to invite them to ride a bicycle or morning run, cooking together, drawing or colouring together or gardening in the yard.

Besides, you are also able to take your children to a park near your house so that they can play with their peers. Even if you want, you are able to invite children in the neighbourhood to visit your house and play together with your children. It will make your children forget about gadgets and it can increase their social interaction.

4. Set a gadget-free area at home

You are able to set gadget-free areas at home for example at the dining room, family room, or bedroom. It means that anyone who is in these rooms, they do not use gadgets. So, make sure that mommy and daddy also obey this rule.

5. Tell your children about the dangers of using gadget for too long

To your children, you are able to tell about the risks of using gadgets too long such as obesity or sore eyes. You have to tell your children by using easy language that gadgets and the internet can be a dangerous place for them, especially when they play social media.

You can also tell them about criminals who commit crime through social media as long as you tell them about it together with the ways to avoid the issue, for example, agreeing that using gadgets needs to be monitored. You have to make sure that your children feel safe and not worried much.

You have to do the steps above to limit the use of gadgets on your children. However, you have to make sure that you do not scold them or shout at them when they are stubborn. It is because if you do that, they can experience trauma where it can interfere with their mental health.

In the beginning, when you make the limitation, your children may not agree directly. So, you have to be very patient. Also, make sure that other family members cooperate to help you in this case.

If your children’s addiction to gadgets is severe and the steps above do not work, you are able to visit a psychologist to get help.

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