5 Healthy Food Recipes for Children with ADHD

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a disorder in children’s development where it causes children to be hyperactive and difficult to focus attention. As you know, every child needs nutrition because it affects their growth and development. Children with ADHD also need the same.

As a mom, you may be confused about healthy food that you are able to give to children with ADHD. You want to keep them healthy so that healthy food is important for them.

Healthy Food Recipes for Children with ADHD

So, here are 5 healthy food recipes for children with ADHD.

1. Avoid Dyes, Artificial Flavors and Preservatives

It is important for you to note that children with ADHD need to avoid food which contains dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives. It is because food with these contents will be able to aggravate the children’s condition. Natural food is better for them. As a mom, you are able to make the food by yourself for your children with ADHD so that they will not consume harmful food.

2. Limit Sugar Consumption

Children with ADHD need to limit sugar consumption. According to a research conducted by Yale University, children who consume much sugar will have high adrenaline and it can make their blood sugar levels higher.

For your information, sugar is one of carbohydrates which is easy to be absorbed by the human body so that it can cause the level of blood sugar to increase quickly. What will happen if children have high adrenaline? It can trigger them to be hyperactive. Also, make sure that you do not give them too sweet drinks such as ice cream, cola, fruit juice with sugar, etc. They need sugar, but just give them natural sugar from fruits.

3. Give Them Breakfast

Before the children with ADHD have activities, make sure that they have breakfast first. It is better if you give them breakfast with high protein and healthy fat. Make sure that you do not give them breakfast which contains high carbohydrates and high sugar such as cake or pancakes because it can increase their blood sugar level. Instead, you are able to give them oatmeal, oats, whole grain cereals, yoghurt, or food containing nuts. Some foods that can be ideas for their snacks are roasted almonds, soybeans, or cashews.

4. Give Them Additional Omega 3

Some researchers state that children with ADHD have low levels of omega 3 acids. For your information, omega 3 is needed by children for their brain. If you give additional omega 3, it can increase their concentration ability. All types of fishes have omega 3 so it can be the good food ideas for them.

5. Give Them Adequate Water

Children with ADHD need to fulfill their water needs. Water is safe for them because it does not contain sugar. By consuming enough water, they also will avoid dehydration risks.

If you want to know more about nutrition needed by children with ADHD, you are able to consult a doctor.

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