Get to Know More About Authoritative Parenting (The Way to Apply It and The Benefits of It)

Each parents has a different parenting style and authoritative parenting is one of the good parenting styles. What is authoritative parenting? Have you heard about it? You are able to read the explanation about authoritative parenting below where the source is from the child psychologist. First, let’s start from the definition of authoritative parenting.

Authoritative parenting is defined as a parenting style where parents nurture, support, and response to children, but they still provide firm boundaries. With this parenting style, parents shape the child’s attitude by implementing rules and discussing ideas. This parenting style is also known as democratic parenting so that it is effective for educating children. Parents who use this parenting style are good listeners, even though not all opinions or requests of their children are accepted. This parenting style also encourages children to grow to be responsible and independent individuals.

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How to Apply Authoritative Parenting

If parents use this parenting style, they will balance between freedom and limits. It means that parents give love and freedom for their children, but they also encourage them to be disciplined, independent, and responsible.

Infographic of Authoritative Parenting
Infographic of Authoritative Parenting

In the list below, you are able to read a guide to apply authoritative parenting.

  • Be a good listener and conversation partner for your children.
  • You have to show that you understand their emotions and never say “Don’t be sad, stop crying”. Instead, you are able to say “Mom knows that you are sad. I’m sorry. It is late now and time for going to bed. Tomorrow we will watch television again.”
  • You need to explain in simple language the reason for every rule needs to be applied. For example, the rule to brush their teeth before going to bed is applied so that their teeth do not hurt or the rule to wake up at 6 every morning is applied so that they do not come late to school.
  • Discuss with your children about the consequences that they will face if they break the rules.
  • Let’s say that your children break a light rule. If it happens, you are able to give them one warning first and then apply the consequence if they still break it. Make sure that you avoid scolding your children repeatedly.
  • If your children make mistakes, make it as learning opportunities for them and give consequences in accordance with the agreement. However, you need to remember, don’t give physical punishment.
  • Don’t always try to solve all the problems that happen to your children. You have to let them think of the solution by themselves.
  • Give your children praise or appreciation when they succeed in achieving something. However, you have to make sure not to overdo in praising them.
  • Let them choose and do the things that they like. Don’t restrain and set them much.

When your children experience puberty, you may find that they become rebellious, irritable, and indifferent. If it happens, don’t worry because it is a normal phase. As parents, you only need to be more patient in facing it and consistent in applying this parenting style.

The Benefits of Authoritative Parenting

There is research which states that children who are educated with authoritative parenting have higher academic scores than those who do not receive this parenting style. Besides, this authoritative parenting style also can make children to have these characters:

1. Being responsible

Responsible character does not appear all of a sudden, but it must be trained. This parenting style can be the way to grow responsibility to children. With this parenting style, children also can have the ability to make good decisions.

2. Respect others

This parenting style teaches children to be able to respect others, especially older people. Children will tend to have good relationships with their peers.

3. Never give up

Parents will be proud of their children if the children never give up on something. By applying authoritative parenting style, it is believed that it can make children have high endurance and can bounce back from an event, even if the event can trigger a trauma. This parenting style also can increase children’s self-esteem and confidence.

4. Having the attitude of a leader

As explained earlier, children who receive an authoritative parenting style will be able to make good decisions. With this ability and also with the high intelligence and confidence that they have, they will tend to have the skill to guide others well.

Beside the benefits explained above, this parenting style can make children diligent, friendly, cheerful, energic, independent, and have high curiosity.

Authoritative parenting style can support the development of children’s emotions, physique, social skills and even intelligence. However, the thing that parents need to remember is that every child has a different character and personality type. It means that parents need to adjust the type of parenting style to be applied to their children.

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