German Parenting Inspiration

Parents in different countries have different parenting styles. The parenting style of Asian parents, for example, used to be authoritarian and unidirectional, while now it is more moderate (Authoritative). In Japan, parents are serious about teaching their children to be independent and not spoiled. Also, in Germany, parents are serious about building children’s independence from an early age. Well, at this time, we will talk about parenting inspiration from German parents.

The Way of German Parenting

Germans have always been seen as serious, rigid, and highly disciplined. However, according to Sara Zaske, author of Achtung Baby: An American Mom on the German Art of Raising Self-Reliant Children, German parents are the exact opposite of these traits.

Zaske, an American writer who lived in Berlin, Germany, for seven years, sees German parents as quite relaxed and calm in parenting their own children. She said that the parenting style of German parents is unlike most parents in the United States, who according to her tend to be protective of their children.

Zaske said that German parents really prioritize independence and responsibility. Parents who want to nurture their children to grow up as an independent and responsible person can follow the parenting methods of German parents.

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Here are some examples of actions taken by German parents:

1. Letting Children Play Alone

german parenting kids play alone in public park

When taking children to play in public parks or playdates, usually German parents do not interfere in their children’s activities. They are going to let their children play and learn to socialize on their own with their peers. According to Zaske, German parents believe their children can set their own rules and learn to resolve conflicts between them.

2. Encouraging Children to Do Activities Outside

kid playing alone - german parenting

Encouraging children to play outside is one of the characteristics of German parenting. Usually, German parents are going to take their children to play in the park or send them on bike rides or do other outdoor games with their peers. That way, the children do not spend as much time playing gadgets or watching television.

Also, many studies show the benefits of playing outside for children’s development, including making children more active, fostering creativity and independence, improving sensory abilities, strengthening muscles and bones, getting vitamin D intake, etc.

3. Giving High Trust to Children

german parenting a girl go to school with her bike alone

Generally, German parents give high trust to their children. Since the first grade of elementary school, their children are accustomed to going to and from school by themselves, walking or riding a bicycle. They are not accompanied by parents or other adults.

Since toddlers, Germany’s children are taught to use tools, knives, matches, as well as how to light, extinguish and protect themselves from fire. Although it sounds dangerous, the teaching process is done carefully and safely.

Well, that is the way of German parenting that you can emulate as a positive thing. Once again, for parents who want to nurture their children to grow up as an independent and responsible person, you can follow the parenting methods of German parents.

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