Fetal Development Week 10 and What a Mom Feels

At week 10 of pregnancy, your baby is the size of a strawberry and has officially graduated from an embryo to a fetus. The fetus in the womb also shows rapid development, both in terms of shape and size. As a mom, you may also feel some uncomfortable symptoms, one of which is nausea.

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If you are now 10 weeks pregnant, you may want to know your baby’s development in the womb. After knowing your baby’s development, you will be amazed at your baby’s development in your body. So, you can really enjoy your pregnancy.

Fetal Development Week 10

Let’s dive into our post to find out your baby’s development and what you may feel at week 10 of pregnancy!

Fetal Development at 10 Weeks of Pregnancy

When you enter the first trimester of pregnancy at 10 weeks, your baby has officially graduated from an embryo to a fetus. It means that the baby’s organs have been formed and are now entering the development phase.

The fetal development at 10 weeks of pregnancy includes the following:

1. Your fetus has the size of a strawberry

How big is your baby at 10 weeks? You may be curious about the size of your baby. Since your baby’s growth is fast and furious, your baby is the size of a strawberry at 10 weeks. The fetus is approximately 3.5–4 cm long and weighs about 34.8 grams. The shape of your baby at 10 weeks already resembles a human form.

2. Your baby’s teeth grow, and bones are formed

Since your baby is already in human form, bones and cartilage are forming. Small indentations in the feet and hands of the fetus have also developed into knees and elbows. Well, the arms, complete with elbows, can already flex.

The fetus’s tiny tooth buds are starting to develop under the gums. Later, the teeth will penetrate the gums and start to appear when your baby is 6 months old. Your baby’s nails and hair have also started to appear at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

3. The digestive system and hormones start to work

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s stomach will start to produce digestive juices, and the liver will secrete bile. Their kidneys will also produce more urine. If you carry a baby boy, his body is already producing the hormone testosterone, which will develop into a means of reproduction.

4. Part of the eye is starting to form

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’ eyes and eyelids are continuing to develop. Some parts of your baby’s eyes, including the cornea, pupil, iris, lens, and retina, are also fully formed. However, they still have some growing to do until entering the 27th week of pregnancy.

5. Your baby’s brain starts to develop rapidly

From all over the fetus’s body, the head will look bigger, and the forehead will appear prominent. Of course, it really shows your baby’s brain is rapidly developing. The development of the fetus’ spinal cord may also allow your baby to move his limbs, toes, and fingers.

The American Pregnancy Association reported that a fetus will even actively be kicking at 10 weeks, even though your baby’s movements cannot be clearly felt by mom.

6. Your baby starts to swallow amniotic fluid

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, a fetus is starting to swallow amniotic fluid. It is known that amniotic fluid allows a fetus to float, breathe, and move. During pregnancy, amniotic fluid works as a conductor of nutrients for your baby. That’s why the fetus will indeed swallow and inhale amniotic fluid while in the womb.

7. Baby’s heart begins to beat

Pregnancy Birth Baby reveals that the fetus’ heart will be divided into four separate chambers at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby’s heart will beat at around 180 beats per minute—three times faster than an adult’s heart—and will then decrease gradually as your pregnancy gets older. Once you reach full-term pregnancy, your baby’s heart rate normally ranges from 120 to 160 beats per minute.

Okay, these are the characteristics of the developing fetus that you must be aware of at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

How Does a Mom Feel at 10 Weeks Pregnancy?

You may notice that your body is different at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Your lower abdomen will appear rounder because your fetus has attached to the uterus, increasing the size of your uterus.

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In addition, you may also get some uncomfortable symptoms at 10 weeks of pregnancy, including:

1. Vaginal discharge

Due to high estrogen levels, almost every pregnant woman will experience vaginal discharge at 10 weeks of pregnancy. You shouldn’t be concerned if your vaginal discharge has a mild odor or even if it doesn’t smell. Otherwise, if you have an unpleasant odor or a gray, yellow, or green vaginal discharge, you should see an obstetrician.

2. Increased saliva production

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, you may salivate more than usual, especially when getting nauseous. You may need to drink more water if excessive saliva is hard to swallow.

3. Nausea and vomiting

Getting nauseated and vomiting are the worst things you may experience during pregnancy since they can inhibit your appetite. At 10 weeks of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting will be increasingly experienced and can occur throughout the day.

This phase is known to be the time of peak production of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The good news is that this condition may improve after entering the second trimester. At this moment, your hCG levels may drop by about 50%.

4. Round ligament pain

When entering week 10, you may feel round ligament pain, especially when your stomach is in a deeply stretched condition. Basically, it occurs since the ligaments on the left and right sides of your lower belly are stretching out and getting thinner.

Of course, this pain may be increasingly felt when your belly gets heavier, especially when you walk or turn to the side, causing sharp or dull pain. The best thing you have to do is get off your feet and get comfy.

5. Breasts get bigger

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, your breasts will become larger and more painful. It can occur since your breasts are starting to produce milk for your baby later.

6. Visible veins

The amount of blood produced will increase at 10 weeks of pregnancy due to the needs during the pregnancy phase. That increased blood supply is also responsible for the veins that traverse your abdomen and breasts. Of course, it can cause the veins to enlarge as well.

Blue veins will usually be visible around the area of the breasts and abdomen of pregnant women.In addition, it can also cause varicose veins in the legs, and those prominent veins may disappear after delivery.

7. Mood swings

During pregnancy, you may feel various moods, from happy to sad. Mood swings are definitely normal when pregnant. During pregnancy, you may feel sadness, anxiety, or joy that can also be triggered by worries about becoming a parent and unwanted things happening.

8. Sleep disorders

The blood vessels will widen when your body circulates more blood throughout the body. Well, it can lower blood pressure and affect pregnancy hormones, especially progesterone. Of course, this can lead to you being sleepy and tired during the day.

It is known that sleeping during the day can make it hard for you to sleep at night. Furthermore, pregnancy can cause you to urinate frequently, so that your sleep is disturbed.

Tips to Keep Your 10 Weeks Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy until the delivery process is essential. To do so, there are some tips and tricks you have to do, such as:

  • Keep your nutrients

It’s very important to maintain the development of a 10-week-old fetus by keeping nutrients available. Make sure to get used to eating breakfast in the morning. You can try to consume oatmeal and eggs since both are enriched with DHA for your baby’s brain development and the formation of fetal eyes.

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  • Avoid triggering smells

Due to a much more sensitive sense of smell, you may now find once-appetizing aromas suddenly offensive, causing nauseousness and even vomiting. It’s best for you to avoid triggering smells, such as raw meat, sausage, or perfume.

  • Avoid eating raw meat

In addition to avoiding triggering smells, you also avoid eating raw foods such as raw fish or meat to prevent the risk of food poisoning due to bacteria.

  • Consume fish a week

To maintain a healthy pregnancy, you have to consume two to three servings of fish a week during pregnancy. Some fish that are safe to consume for pregnant women are salmon, catfish, and sardines that have been thoroughly processed.

  • Add fruits to your meal

During pregnancy, you have to consume some fruits that contain lots of vitamin A and C, such as mangoes. You also need to consume more fiber, such as from kiwi, to cure constipation. Some fruits, like peaches, apples, or pears, are the best choices for consumption. Make sure to always wash your hands before eating to avoid bacteria or pesticides.

  • Consume prenatal vitamins

It’s highly recommended for you to consume prenatal vitamins and meet fluid needs. Be sure to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day.

  • Do light exercise

Even though you have a 10-week pregnancy, doing light exercise is a must to keep your body and fetus healthy. You can try to do prenatal yoga, which is specifically designed for pregnant women, to help expedite the delivery process. Morning walks and swimming are two important exercises you have to do during pregnancy.

  • Try to use prenatal pillow

To reduce pain in the lower abdomen, you can try to use a prenatal pillow because your belly is protruding.

Well, it’s very important for you to know the development of your fetus during pregnancy. You must also be able to recognize every physical change in your body so that you can react appropriately when something happens. Good Luck!!!

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