Recognizing the Early Signs of Pregnancy that You May Not be Aware of

You probably have just got married several months ago and you are waiting for pregnancy. As you know, usually people know that they are pregnant from menstruation. However, you need to note that you actually cannot only rely on this because there are a number of other signs of pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy (baby measuring rod)

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Well, my doctor explained that there are a number of signs that you are pregnant as you can read below.

1. Changes In Your Breasts

In your early pregnancy, you will feel that your breasts are firm, sensitive and dense. It happens because of hormone changes. You will also see that your nipples can also be more prominent and darker.

2. Urinating Often

Urinating often is also another sign that you are pregnant. If you recently urinate often, it can indicate that you are pregnant. When your pregnancy is bigger, you may urinate more often because your bigger womb presses your bladder.

3. Being Tired Easily

As you know, normally we are tired if we have done a number of strenuous activities. However, if you do not do anything but you feel tired, it can be a sign that you are pregnant. This sign may be felt by you in the first three months of your pregnancy. Why do we feel tired in this period? It is because when you are pregnant, your progesterone hormone increases. Besides, there are also changes in your blood production, heart rate, and body metabolism.

4. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness including nausea and vomiting can happen when your pregnancy reaches 6 weeks, but it can also happen earlier.

5. Being Sensitive to Odors

When you are pregnant, you may be sensitive to certain odors such as food smells, certain perfumes or cigarette smoke. The odors may also make you nausea and have no appetite.

6. Constipation

You may think that you have consumed healthy food, but you go through constipation. Well, it can indicate that you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, there are hormonal changes and these make your digestion work slower.

7. Mood swing

Again, hormonal changes can make your mood change quickly. If you feel that recently you feel happy, but then all of sudden you feel sad or even angry, it may be because you are pregnant.

8. Spotting

If you experience light bleeding or spotting, you may think that you are menstruating. However, it is important for you to note that menstruation’s blood and pregnancy’s blood is different. The color of menstruation’s blood is lighter and the flow is heavier while pregnancy’s blood is pink, brownish, faint and it appears a little bit. Spotting appears because the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus.

If you experience these signs and also your menstruation schedule comes more than a week late, it can indicate that you are pregnant. To make sure, you are able to check it by using testpacks. If your testpacks show positive, it means that you are pregnant and you can make sure of it again by going to an obstetrician.

However, if your testpacks show negative, but you experience the signs above, it can indicate that you may have certain medical conditions so that it is better to go to a doctor.

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