Comfortable Breastfeeding Positions To Try

It is not easy to find a comfortable position when you are breastfeeding your baby. However, finding a comfortable position is important so that you can do it without feeling any pain. Never ever skip breastfeeding just because you do not find a comfortable position yet because breastfeeding can give your baby nutrition needed.

By finding a comfortable position to breastfeed, this activity will be a fun thing to do and also it will help your milk come out easily. If you need some ideas about a comfortable position when you are breastfeeding, you are able to get the ideas below.

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Comfortable Positions When Breastfeeding Your Baby

In the list below, you are able to read a number of comfortable positions when breastfeeding your baby and you can try it.

1. Cradle Hold Position

Cradle Hold Position (Breastfeeding)

If you use this position, your baby will lie down comfortably between the crooks of your arms when breastfeeding. When doing it, you have to find a comfortable seat as well. After that, put a pillow on your lap and then put your baby on the pillow and support his head with your arm on the side of the breast that the baby will be feeding.

2. Cross Cradle Hold Position

Cross-Cradle Hold Position (Breastfeeding)

This position is almost the same as the above position, but in this position after putting your baby on the pillow that is on your lap, then you have to use both of your hands and arms opposite the position of your baby’s head to support his head.

3. Lying Down Position

Lying Down Position (Breastfeeding)

By applying this position when breastfeeding, you will not be easily weary. How to breastfeed with this position? You just have to lie down in a supine position and your back is supported by a pillow and put your baby on your body.

4. Side Lying Position

Side-Lying Position (Breastfeeding)

Do you want to breastfeed in a side lying position? If so, you can do that and it is important for you to note that this position can help you to be relaxed. The thing that you have to do to use this position is to lie on your side and position yourself on the same level as your baby. After that, you have to direct your baby’s head to your breast.

5. Position for Breastfeeding Twins

Position for Breastfeeding Twins

Do you have a couple of baby twins? If so, it may be a little bit tricky for you to breastfeed them together in a comfortable position. Well, you can breastfeed your twins by sitting comfortably and putting a pillow on your lap. After that, ask the closest person to put your baby twins on the pillow. The baby must be put on each of your arms and point their head to your breasts.

6. Koala Position

Koala Position (Breastfeeding)

If your baby has been strong enough to sit, you can try this position for breastfeeding. With this method, you have to put your baby on the lap of one of your thighs and then face the baby to one of your breasts. You have to support the baby’s neck gently so that it will be comfortable for your baby as well.

That’s all some comfortable positions that you are able to try when breastfeeding your baby. One of the things that you have to consider when you are breastfeeding your baby is that you have to pay attention to your baby’s position. You have to make sure that your baby does not do a bending position because it can cause a problem to your baby’s neck and back.

You have to be excited to breastfeed your baby because your milk contains nutrition needed by your baby. Besides, breastfeeding is also beneficial for you as a mom where a study shows that breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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