5 Good Benefits of Playing Jumping Rope (Skipping) Routinely for Children That You Need to Know

Do you like jumping rope? This game is simple, but actually it has a number of good benefits if your children do it routinely. Besides this game can make them happy, it can also make them healthy. If you have no idea about games that can be played by your children outdoors, this game can be your alternative.

kids playing jumping rope

Jumping rope can train and develop muscle strength in the short term and it is also called plyometric. Skipping is simple to do and the movement is easy to do by children as well. Now, let’s find out 5 good benefits of skipping or jumping rope for children.

1. Jumping rope can make children’s muscles strong and contained

children's muscles strong after jumping rope

The function of gross motor development in children is to do something that relies on movements from all over their body.

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Big muscles are involved in the movements such as hands, stomach, and legs. It is important for you to note that gross motor skills can help children to do their daily activities.

Jumping rope can make your children’s muscles solid, strong, and contained. If they often do jumping rope or skipping, they will be agile and dynamic.

2. Jumping rope trains the strength of the children’s heart muscles

strength of the children’s heart muscles

Let’s say that your children often play jumping rope. If so, it can decrease the risk of heart disease. Besides, it also gives a heart-training effect which is the same as cardio.

When they jump several times, their heart will beat faster and it is one of the training forms to train the strength of their cardiac muscles.

When their cardiac muscles become strong, the blood vessels around it will be strong and healthy as well.

3. Jumping rope can help increase the children’s balanced height

jumping rope increase the children’s height

As parents, you may see that your children go through their toddler age and you see that they grow and experience significant changes. If you let them play jumping rope routinely, it can help them to increase their balanced height.

It can also help flexibility in their muscles. So, their legs will be longer and as a result, they will become taller.

4. Jumping rope can train children’s brain performance so that it can be more responsive

children’s brain performance more responsive after jumping rope

Jumping rope can increase children’s intelligence. If they do it regularly, it can help the development of their right and left brain.

So, their alertness, reading ability, and memory can also improve. Children’s brains will work faster to coordinate movements and maintain body balance.

5. Jumping rope can make children entertained and relieve stress

happiness kids jumping

As adults, you may think that children will not be stressed. Well, you are wrong. Even though children do not have serious problems, they can be anxious and it can cause stress.

If they play jumping rope, it can make them entertained and happy so that their stress can be cured.

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