5 Must-Have Skills for Millennials in a Digital Age for Teenagers

For some people, facing the digital era is not easy; it requires preparation. In the digital age, everything runs smoothly, and one of these is allowing us to easily communicate with people across distances and get on-hand information. It’s a great example of why the digital age is advancing so quickly.

Millennials, in particular, face numerous challenges as a result of the digital age’s rapid expansion. One of the great ways to survive in the digital age for millennials is to improve their skills or even master some new skills. However, the skills that distinguish us from others can be our weapons in dealing with and surviving in the digital age.

teenager become a content creator

As a millennial, you may worry about how and what skills you have to use in facing the digital era. Looking continuously at phenomena that continue to occur in the digital age leads us to see what skills are appropriate to master. Thankfully! This post will show you some recommended skills you must have related to the digital world.

The following must-have skills have great opportunities for millennials who depend on access in the digital age. Millennials will have a significant impact on our nation’s and country’s future. Let’s check out the five must-have skills for millennials in the digital age below!

1. Content Creator

Content creator, today, is a much-loved skill. Why? Being a content creator, for millennials, is one easy step to becoming famous since they will be recognized easily through the content they create and share on their social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

The content itself can take the form of images, videos, photos, texts, audio, or anything else related to the person’s line of work. Being a content creator entails more than just talking about your content or works; you must also have good communication skills and insights into the content you select.

Prior to that, you may need to improve your ability to provide content, such as by having the ability to consider taking a picture or shooting video from great angles, having a deep understanding of the proper words that will be used in your content, and so on.

For the first step, you can try to create very simple content regarding your daily activities, such as “fun ways to clean up your space at home,” “good tips to decorate your own space to be more attractive,” etc. Before sharing your content, make the title as appealing as possible in order to attract viewers.

Now is a good time to share your content on YouTube or other social media platforms. To reach a huge audience, you can also create your own personal blog and share your content on it. If your blog already has a good audience rate and a decent number of visitors, you can monetize it to earn more money.

2. Vlogger

In addition to becoming a content creator, you can also step foot as a vlogger. The term “Vlogger” stands for “Video” and “Blog” that refers to a person who reports or shares something regarding their own niche, such as traveling, cooking, food reviews, etc.

Doing a vlog, today, can be done easily since there is equipment to hold your camera devices, e.g., a tripod, so you can do it yourself. To begin being a vlogger, you can start by choosing simple topics such as food reviews or tourism reviews. If you are interested in beauty, you can start to review one or more cosmetics products or even compare one product to another; this person is called a “beauty vlogger.”

The most important thing you need to consider as a vlogger is that you must have your own character and choose an attractive niche, related to your hobby or your daily activities would be better. Make sure to consistently create your vlog with more creative and interesting ideas.

3. Influencer

Influencers are often considered the same as “celebgrammers,” who do endorsement or brand promotion. However, the profession of influencer turns out to be broad. In simple terms, an influencer is a person who influences a large number of followers for that person.

The daily lives of the influencers, recorded or shared on social media, really become an attraction for their followers. Influencers do not refer to a specific profession, but rather to people with the ability to influence others from a variety of fields such as health, government, education, the private sector, celebrities, and even ordinary people.

To be an influencer, you have to carefully choose a digital platform (e.g., social media) that will give you the biggest opportunity to influence the growth of a significant number of followers. Just like a vlogger, an influencer also needs to have his own unique characteristics.

The most important thing, you have to upload content that can really attract the audience and make sure to have good communication with your followers so they will feel closer to you and really love your content.

4. Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is a person or a representative of an institution who has strong social influence. As a KOL, you will be recommended to provide awareness of a particular product through your relevant field expertise and introduce it to a wider audience.

At a glance, KOL is similar to an “influencer,” but it does not depend on the number of followers. The main role of a KOL is to have qualified skills and a relationship with the product or brand introduced to viewers on social media. For example, a general practitioner or specialist who introduces health consulting products and a well-known chef who gives good cooking tips through food product containers, etc.

To be a great KOL, you must first know and understand what fields you were in before. Since KOL plays a very important role, the learning process and experience will also take a very long time. However, it doesn’t matter since you will be trusted with the products being promoted to viewers as potential consumers.

5. Digital Maker

Last, we have digital makers, which can be a profession you can pursue. Being a digital maker means you must create creative and inspirational ideas, arrange plans, and process them digitally within reach of the internet in any form, such as websites, mobile apps, social media, and other platforms.

Today, there are so many digital professions based on their working fields, such as Digital Marketing, Copywriter, Content Writer, Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO) Specialist, User Interface Design/User Experience Writer (UI/UX), Social Media Content Maker (Instagram filter creators), etc.

Okay, those are the five must-have skills for millennials in the digital age. Why are these needed? That’s because these abilities will add to your value in a very hard and challenging digital age. As time passes, more competencies will be required of the next generation. Keep spirited, everyone!

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