Amazing 5-Month Fetal Development: Symptoms and What to Do

When a 5-month-old fetus entered the second trimester of pregnancy, it began to move a lot.  For pregnant women, nothing is more devastating than the little kicks and punches from their fetus in the uterus. In this stage of development, the fetus’ fine hair and eyebrows began to grow.

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If you are five months pregnant, knowing every stage of your fetus’s development is very important. Of course, you will be amazed at your fetus’s development, and you will enjoy your pregnancy a lot. Thankfully! This post will show you the development of a 5-month-old fetus from weeks 21 to 24. Let’s check them out below!

Ultrasound photo of 5 month old fetus

Week 21

The following are some stages in the development of a 5-month-old fetus in week 21:

    • The weight is already heavier than the placenta. It is approximately 340 grams in weight and 26 cm long.
    • Completed eyelid formation.
    • The vagina in the female fetus has been formed and continues to develop until the time of birth.
    • The fetus’s body begins to be filled with lanugo (fine hairs) that functions to maintain his body temperature as needed. Lanugo will usually disappear on its own before the fetus is born.
    • The digestive organs are getting mature.
    • The lungs are not yet working properly, but he has started breathing exercises.
    • The placenta transports oxygen from the mother to the baby.

Week 22

The following are some stages in the development of a 5-month-old fetus in week 22:

    • A fetus weighs around 453 grams and is 27 cm long.
    • The fetus’s eyes are starting to form, but they do not have pigment in the lower part yet.
    • Digestion begins to function, so the fetus begins to swallow amniotic fluid.
    • The nails are starting to grow.
    • The fetus’s body is getting proportionate.
    • Eyebrows, eyelids, and lips begin to show more clearly.
    • The sense of taste already begins to function.
    • The fetus begins to respond to touch.
    • The fetus begins to suck his thumb.

Week 23

The following are some stages in the development of a 5-month-old fetus in week 23:

    • The sense of hearing is more perfect, and the fetus can hear the sound of movement in the stomach and the heartbeat of his mother. He can also hear voices from outside, such as music, conversation, or the sound of objects around.
    • The fetus is around 28 cm long.
    • The fetus can move arms, legs, fingers, and toes. Of course, you can also feel his movements in your stomach when he is actively moving.

Week 24

The following are some stages in the development of a 5-month-old fetus in week 24:

    • The fetus’s skin is still thin and weak, but it has a little fat.
    • The fetus weighs 600 grams and is 30 cm long.
    • The fetus’s lungs have developed and are starting to produce surfactants, a substance that works to protect the lungs when exhaling and also prevents leakage of the air sacs in the lungs.
    • Respiratory branches begin to form.
    • Rapid brain development
    • The more fingerprints appear
    • Other vital organs have also developed more maturely.

The Symptoms that Moms Feel in a 5-Month Pregnancy

In the first five months of pregnancy, you may experience the following symptoms:

    • The fetus begins to press on your diaphragm, making breathing difficult.
    • feel unbalanced since the growing size of the stomach can interfere with the center of gravity in the body.
    • Increased blood flow and hormonal changes can cause bleeding gums.
    • The enlarged uterus puts more pressure on the bladder, leading you to urinate more often.
    • Leg cramps can be caused by a lack of vitamins, being overweight, being overly active, or even not moving enough.
    • Back pain, leg cramps, and frequent urination can all disrupt your sleep.

A 5-Month Pregnant Woman’s Best Sleeping Position

In addition to being concerned about the development of your 5-month-old fetus, you should be concerned about your sleeping quality. To make it comfortable for you to get sleep when entering a 5-month pregnancy, you should pay attention to your sleeping position.

There is no doubt that an increasingly enlarged stomach can lead to uncomfortable sleeping, causing insomnia. In addition, the wrong sleeping position can also have an impact on your health and that of your fetus.

According to some health experts, the best sleeping position for 5-month pregnant women is in the following position:

1. Left anterior oblique position

When doing the left anterior oblique position, it is believed that both mom and fetus will get a sense of comfort, especially in the 5-month developmental stage. This position will not suppress the inferior vena cava that is located on the right spine, so that the fetus can get nutrition and smoother blood flow.

That said, the left anterior oblique position is also good for the kidneys since it will improve their performance in removing excess fluids and toxins. However, there is nothing wrong with changing positions occasionally if you feel sore.

2. Slanted position with higher feet

If your feet swell, you can try to sleep in this position. Simply lie on your side and raise your feet with the help of a pillow. Well, a higher leg position will drain blood back from the feet to the heart, so that the swelling legs can gradually return to normal.

3. Lean

It’s better for you to sit leaning back when relaxing, reading, watching TV, or just taking a rest. You can also try to place pillows next to your waist and behind your back, so you can sit comfortably. Alternatively, you can also use a neck pillow for more comfortable relaxation.

Okay, that’s the stage of a 5-month-old fetus’s development and the symptoms you may experience. Never forget to have your pregnancy checked with your obstetrician on a regular basis to monitor every development of your fetus. Consume a high protein diet and other important nutrients during pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy with optimal fetal growth and development.

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